Denray Model 3672B Downdraft Table

Denray Model 3672B Downdraft Table
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  • Item #: 3672B
  • Manufacturer: Denray
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Price $5,755.00
Contains two cartridge filters that clean to 0.5 micron. Push button cleaning requires button to be pushed 3-5 times daily. When the button is pushed it releases a large volume of compressed air into the filters allowing the dust to fall into a drawer to be emptied as needed. Options include a timer so the operator doesn't have to push the cleaning button.
Size : 36" X 72", Height: 36"
Weight : 750 Pounds
CFM : 3000
Motor : 2 Horsepower
Voltages : 1 or 3 Phase
Sound Level : 84 Decibels