Delta 10" Unisaw with 52" Biesemeyer Fence System

Delta 10" Unisaw with 52" Biesemeyer Fence System
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  • Item #: 36-L352
  • Manufacturer: Delta
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Price $3,499.99
The 36-L352 includes 3 HP, 220V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz motor, 52" BIESEMEYER fence and tube, Black precision BIESEMEYER fence and tube, Black precision BIESEMEYER fence body, UNISAW black table board 52" BIESEMEYER fence, Black 2" x 2" x 34-1/4" fence legs, BIESEMEYER standard accessory drawer.

Single-Cast Trunnion System results in incredible vibration control providing continuous smooth operation and dependable accuracy
Dual Front Cranks make adjusting blade height and blade bevel easy, accurate, and repeatable in all your operations
The Bevel Dial allows fine tuning of the blade bevel with ease and provides accuracy you can trust to within 1/4 degree
The Cabinet Construction consists of a large cast-iron base providing stability and solid footing
True American Marathon Motor provides added power and is available in both 3 and 5 HP
Improved Table-Top Geometry provides more surface area to stabilize the product and offers outstanding smoothness and superior ease
The Largest Blade Opening in class makes fine tuning your riving knife and blade changes easier than ever without scraping up your skin
The Push Button Arbor Lock makes the blade changing process simple and more natural with the use of only 1 wrench, without busting your knuckles
Large, Easy to Access ON/OFF switch is multi-directional and can be activated from any angle. Its mounting bracket is more solid and sturdy for those times when turning it off with a knee or a foot is necessary
Smart Storage provides simple and accessible storage for 5 saw blades, 2 riving knives, an arbor nut flange, and the entire rise-and-fall split guard assembly. There is also adequate room for a push stick, arbor wrench with extra-long handle, and standard throat plate
Bi-Level Dust Extraction uses only 1 collector hose coupled with a sloping bottom cabinet used to navigate dust, and the new closed bevel gauge provides a sealed interior. This combination results in much higher level of dust collection
Tool-Free Split Guard design allows a true rise-and fall riving knife by using a lever on the front of the saw or inside the throat plate. You can then add the anti-kickback paws and guard to the riving knife without tools
BIESEMEYER Fence System provides hairline pointer and built-in tape allowing you to make precision set-ups, cut after cut. 9-ply fence faces have improved tolerances like no other as well as an improved cam front lock lever for an overlock with a curved edge

Motor: 3 HP, 230V, 1 Phase, 60 Hz
Arbor Size: 5/8"
Blade Diameter: 10"
Blade Speed: 4,000 RPM
Max Rip To Right Of Blade: 52"
Max Rip To Left Of Blade: 11-1/2"
Depth Of Cut At 45°: 2-1/8"
Depth Of Cut At 90°: 3-1/8"
Distance, front of table to center of blade: 18-1/2"
Table in Front of Saw at Max. Depth of Cut: 13-1/2"
Max Width Of Dado: 1"
Miter Gauge Groove: 3/8" x 3/4"
Chip Exhaust Opening: 4" & 5"
Table Height: 35"
Table Size: 31" x 42"
Weight: 456 lbs

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